Contract Furnishings International is a Preferred Outdoor Patio Furniture Supplier to Government and Municipal Customers.

Contract Furnishings International is a global supplier of outdoor furniture to United States and foreign governments. Installations of our furniture include military bases, embassies, training facilities, and medical and hospital sites. We are pleased to offer Local, State, and Federal Government customers preferred pricing and enterprise level service. We welcome your inquiries to discuss and compare our many American made products versus foreign manufactured products that are often of lesser or questionable quality.

If you seek furniture appropriate for all of the needs of a federal administrative agency, our GSA approved furniture, also referred to as GSA schedule contract products, makes purchasing contract supplies simple and convenient. Take advantage of our online quote system supported by knowledgeable and experienced Sales Team to help guide you through planning, aquisition, and support. Our GSA approved furniture ranges from indoor seating, patio and pool furniture, umbrellas, bedroom and office furniture, and everything inbetween.